Why Brother Refresh?

We know there is never a good time to run out of ink or toner. Brother Refresh intelligently detects when you are running low and automatically triggers the right Brother Genuine replacement order and ships it right to your door.

Brother Refresh delivers peace of mind - with no recurring subscription cost or cancellation fees. You only pay for the ink or toner you need - and when you need it.

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How It Works
  1. EASY SETUP: Brother Refresh guides you through a simple process to connect your Refresh-Ready printer online to the Brother Refresh cloud service and you choose your replacement cartridges.
  2. AUTO-DETECTS LOW LEVELS: Based on your usage patterns and printer ink or toner levels, Brother Refresh will intelligently detect when you will run out of your ink or toner and will automatically generate a replacement order for the cartridge that is running out.
  3. INK/TONER DELIVERED JUST IN TIME: Brother will ship the correct replacement Brother Genuine ink or toner cartridge to you and your credit card will only get charged for the replacement cartridges that you needed.
How to Enroll
3 simple steps to get started!
Additional ink and toner auto-fulfillment provider options are available in partnership with Brother.
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